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Servistar has established itself as a strategic consultant for all weighing applications and automation, as well as a systems integrator.

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Suspended load weighing


Servistar has developed advanced systems for weighing suspended loads, with a connection to a central information system to increase order management efficiency.


Quantity calculation


Servistar has designed many solutions for quality calculation applications, warehouse inventories, customised with weighing platforms, weight indicators, printers, labellers, barcode readers, all coordinated by PC software.




Servistar has developed solutions for every type of application: simple, sequential or simultaneous dosing during loading or unloading, automatic or manual, single or multi-component, continuous on a conveyor belt or drop-mode coming from silos, hoppers or tanks.


Weighing incoming/outgoing vehicles


Servistar has developed systems for the corporate management of incoming/outgoing weighing operations for vehicles with weighbridge, recording data by badge or by automatically reading the vehicle number plate via video camera, with an interface to the company’s computer system.


Labelling and packaging


Servistar has developed labelling and packaging systems for the food industry and supermarkets, with installations integrated with the on-site management system to share all the items sold online and in real time.


Weighing in potentially explosive environments (ATEX)


Servistar offers certified solutions for weighing and dosing applications in potentially explosive environments classified by the ATEX directives.