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Servistar has been working for many years to offer you the best application solutions in the field of weighing, dosing and industrial automation.

Improve production efficiency



It is a common goal to search for the best production efficiency, reducing waste, through an efficient procurement/disposal system and the correct use of raw materials.



Servistar develops systems comprising of weighing stations that are integrated into each production input and output line in order to handle raw materials; weighing and giving value to the materials used and discarded. Each weighing station is connected to the other stations through a network via specific software which records all weighing performed in real time.



✓ Optimal use and complete traceability of raw materials

✓ Reduction of waste

✓ Correct weighing of production waste that turns into an economic gain


Organising production and logistics processes



In industrial and commercial sectors, a company needs to organise its production and logistics processes in order to simplify operations, reduce errors and save time.



Servistar develops application solutions aimed at saving time during ordinary operations involving product weighing and mixing, storage and shipping, thanks to simple, guided procedures and customised functions.



✓ Easier and faster procedures

✓ Improved production efficiency

✓ Monitoring of operations

✓ Less waste of materials

Guaranteeing your product



An increasing number of companies make their products stand out on the market through the use of manufacturing certificates. To guarantee quality, it is important to ensure that processes and the weighing instruments used are regularly checked.



Servistar provides weighing systems with accessories that allow companies to certify the quality of manufactured products by issuing weighing receipts, transport documents, reports, etc. Furthermore, Servistar provides services to test and calibrate scales and measurement instruments, required to ensure proper operation.



✓ Certified value-added products

✓ Complete archive of the checks performed, always updated and available for inspection

✓ Increased reliability, safety and quality in the weighing process