Our calibration and assistance services: accurate measurements for our clients


Thanks to partners in Italy and the world, Servistar offers clients the very best calibration and assistance service for mechanical and electronic weighing instruments. In the case of weighing instruments used for third parties or during production processes, checking the accuracy of your measurements will save you money and ensure quality for your customers..


To guarantee metrological traceability, the Servistar metrological laboratory issues Calibration Certificates and Test Reports in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards. Servistar is a partner of the CIBE Weights and Measures Laboratory (a landmark in the field of technical and legal metrology in Europe) and, therefore, complies with the latest developments of the relevant legislation and with the most reliable calibration practices and certifications.
In addition, Servistar is an Authorised Service Centre for weighing instruments for leading international companies.



Repair and technical support for multi-brand scales


Calibration and adjustment service for weighing systems for industry, weighbridges, retail and laboratories.

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taratura bilance
taratura bilance

Servistar has laboratory equipment and precision scales to 6 decimal digits, in addition to calibration machines for instruments up to 80 tonnes.